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This section of our Web site offers you immediate access to our entire collection of product literature. Available in PDF format, all of our product sheets can be quickly downloaded by simply clicking on the product name. You can either save the file for future reference or print-color copy. (Note you will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

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2015 Professional Irrigation
Products Catalog

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Professional Irrigation
Products Catalog (Spanish)

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2016 Price List Catalog

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Parts Breakout Catalog

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Planning & Installation

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Controllers Sell Sheet User Guide Parts FAQ's
KwikDial® Series 178kb 1.53mb 543kb  
Rain Dial®-R 335kb 7mb 6.7mb 163kb
Junior™ MAX 323kb 663kb    
Junior DC™ Series 236kb      
Total Control®-R Series 173k 293kb 369kb 192kb
Total Control®-R 24 Stations 173k 716kb 369kb  
PCW Control 260kb 3.63mb 107kb 254kb
MC-E 114kb 8.95mb 321kb  
IBOC-Plus 327kb 3.41mb 82kb  
MC Plus-B 258kb 1.34mb    

Sensors &

Sensors and Remotes Sell Sheet User Guide Parts FAQ's
RainSensor™ Series 257kb 3.41mb    
Climate Logic® 235kb 365kb    
CRR 257kb 2.72mb    
PRO MAX™ 1.5mb 3.5mb 1.5mb  
Flow Sensors 3.2kb      


Valves Sell Sheet User Guide Parts FAQ's
2400/2600 Series 366kb 2.7mb 118kb  
205 Series 382kb   121kb  
2500 Series 320kb   103kb  
2700 Series 436kb 3.8mb 234kb 113kb
311A Series 303kb 528kb 74kb  
200B Series 360kb   212kb  
700 Series (Ultra-Flow) 327kb 332kb 130kb  
100 Series 332kb 120kb 232kb  
100S Series 182kb      
Drip Zone Valve Kit 310kb 2.24mb    
OnmiReg® 92kb      

Sprayheads &

Sprayheads Sell Sheet User Guide Parts FAQ's
I-PRO Series Spray Heads 422kb      
PRO-VAN Nozzles 432kb      
I-PRO Nozzles 266kb      


Rotors Sell Sheet User Guide Parts FAQ's
430R 178kb 661kb    
450R 223kb 483kb    
550R 482kb      
Platinum Sport Series 164kb      

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