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PCW Control Series


12 Station Outdoor/Indoor (expandable to 48-station)

The first of its kind, Irritrol’s computer-controlled residential controller increases the professional installer’s sales, installation and service productivity while providing the highest level of end-user convenience.

Key Features

  • PC-compatible scheduling software
    User-friendly software that is precise, flexible, and intuitive with its computer interface
  • 2-way handheld remote with desktop stand
    Provides the convenience of wirelessly programming the controller in the garage from the desk in the user’s home office or den.
  • Scheduling advisortm
    Saves water automatically by adjusting the irrigation schedule when set to receive the online weather data
  • Internet compatibility
    Allows the owner to send schedules over the Internet. The installer or Irritrol Tech Support can alter the program and return it to the client
  • 12-station controller with 2-way radio module
    Acknowledges the receipt of a new program, stores it in memory and automatically runs it according to schedule. Controller installation and field wire hookup are the same as a conventional controller
  • Selectable Personal ID Number (PIN)
    Unique, selectable number for each system’s security prevents overlapping instructions from another PCW Control system and reduces the chance of unauthorized program entry
  • System expandability up to 48 stations
    To meet the need for larger systems, 12-station indoor or outdoor “add-on” controllers within range of the 2-way radio modules can be added. The system sees station #1 on the second controller as zone #13
  • Landscape lighting control
    Allows up to 3 zones to be designated to run relays for control of landscape lighting. (Controller does not supply main power to the lighting.) SR-1 Pump Start Relay is recommended
  • Contractor settings default
    With a click of the mouse, the owner can reactivate the installer’s original program


  • Station run time: up to 24 hours (in hour and minute increments)
  • Programs: 10 per zone (120 total)
  • Watering day schedules selectable per zone: Any days-of-the-week watering, interval watering (selectable in 1-day increments) from daily to once every 30 days and Odd or Even date watering
  • Day exclusion option for setting “non-water” days
  • Hour exclusion option for daily non-watering hours
  • Optional RainSensor™ for multi-controller systems: Connect sensor to controller #1
  • RainSensor™ assignable per station
  • Optional pump start relay for multiple controller systems: connect relay to controller #1 (for pump control)
  • PIN number range: selectable from 0001 to 9999
  • Range of two-way remote: 1,000’ line-of-sight, less when obstructed or experiencing interference
  • Customized semi-automatic programs
  • For contractors: stores multiple customer's schedules


  • Transformer input: 120 V ac, 60HZ
  • Transformer output: 24 V ac (30VA)
  • Maximum output per station: 24 V ac, .4 amp
  • Maximum total output: 24 V ac, 1 amp (including master valve)


  • Windows-compatible PC
  • Windows XP Home Edition, XP Professional, Vista or Windows 7 (must have Microsoft .NET Frameworks 3.5 or later)
  • Available USB 1.0 (or greater) port
  • 900 MHz CPU
  • 64 MB RAM and CD-ROM drive
  • 20MB free hard disk space
  • 1024 x 768 64k color display/monitor (800 x 600 minimum)
  • Keyboard and pointing device (mouse)
  • Internet connectivity (high speed)

Models &

Model Description
PCW-12-INT-PAK 12-Stn. indoor controller, remote, disk
PCW-12-ADD-INT 12-Stn. add-on controller (indoor)
PCW-12-EXT-PAK 12-Stn. outdoor controller, remote, disk
PCW-12-ADD-EXT 12-Stn. add-on controller (outdoor)
PCW-R Remote, stand, USB cord and disk


  • Outdoor: H: 13”, W: 7”, D: 4 ¼”
  • Indoor: H: 12 1⁄8”, W: 6 1⁄8”, D: 3”



  • RS1000 wireless RainSensor™
  • RFS1000 wireless rain/freeze sensor
  • RS500 wired RainSensor™
  • SR-1 pump start relay