Rain Master® Twice™ 2-Wire



Unlike other two-wire systems, the Irritrol® Rain Master Twice 2-wire protocol provides a two-way communication link between the controller, decoders and valves. This provides the means for testing and diagnostic capabilities within the 2-wire system. The simplicity of the 2-wire field installation, coupled with the enhanced capability of the Rain Master ‘E’ series controllers, sets a new precedent for 2-wire control within the irrigation industry.

Key Features

  • Evapotranspiration (ET) based scheduling
    Maximizes water saving and irrigation efficiency
  • Flow sensing and control
    Monitors system flow and responds to upper, lower, unscheduled and no flow conditions
  • 2-wire interface module
    Provides 2-wire capability for any Irritrol Rain Master Eagle controller
  • Decoder two-way communication
    Provides troubleshooting diagnostics to retain system integrity
  • Programmable decoders
    Provides flexibility in programming decoder identification


  • Each decoder has a unique address (programmable at the interface module)
  • Decoders will automatically shut off if communication is lost
  • Wire fault detection automatically shuts down any valve
  • Valves can be operated up to 100’ radius of the decode


  • Input power: 105-130V ac, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 amp maximum, 1 amp idle
  • Output power: 24V ac, 1.5 amps maximum total output or (36 VA) 1.0 amp per station or master valve
  • UL, CUL, and FCC approved

Models &

Model Description

Rain Master Eagle, up to 36 decoders, rolled steel wall mount

TW-EG36-SB Rain Master Eagle, up to 36 decoders, stainless steel wall mount
TW-EG36-SPED Rain Master Eagle, up to 36 decoders, 14 gauge stainless steel security pedestal

  • TW model: H: 10” W: 13” D: 4.5”
  • TW & SB model: H: 17.5” W: 13” D: 4.5”
  • TW-SPED model: H: 34” W: 16” D: 16”

Operational Accessories

Model Description

Single valve AC decoder

TW-D-2 Dual valve AC decoder
TW-D-4 Quad valve AC decoder
TW-LA-1 Lightning arrestor used every 600 feet
TW-SPLICE 14-gauge water-tight connectors

14-gauge (red/black) Polycoated (blue) wire