Rotors 550R

550R Series



The new Irritrol® 550R rotor delivers basic simplicity and dependable action all in one rotor. With its proven ¾” gear-driven design, 50’ of watering radius and a full 5” pop-up, this rotor just gets more done. Installation is made simple with Irritrol’s familiar top arc adjustment and all-in-one full- and part-circle operation from 40 to 360 degrees. And, with the ability to quick check the arc with positive left and right stops, set-up time is further reduced. The 550R comes with a wide selection of nozzles (8 standard and 4 low angle nozzles) making it the ideal rotor for your everyday installations.

Key Features

  • Familiar top adjustment, wet or dry
    For fast convenient installation
  • Reversing full- and part-circle operation
    Allows you to adjust the rotor from 40˚ to 360˚
  • Non-flushing wiper seal
    Reduces leaks caused by debris trapped under seal
  • All adjustments made with a standard screwdriver
    No special tools required
  • Standard rubber cover
    Provides added protection against debris and keeps playing areas safe
  • Wide selection of nozzles
    8 standard and 4 low angle nozzles included with each rotor to handle a wide range of applications
  • Positive left and right stops (fixed left stop)
    Reduces set-up time by allowing you to quick check the arc
  • Optional check valve holds up to 7’ of elevation change
    Eliminates water waste
  • Full 5" pop-up
    Fitsin competitive footprint without extra digging


  • Inlet: ¾” female-threaded NPT
  • Adjustable arc range: 40° to 360°
  • Flow range: .74 – 9.70 gpm
  • Recommended operating pressure: 45 psi
  • Precipitation rate: .20 – .99 inches per hour
  • Overall height (retracted): 7 3/8”
  • Radius: 25’ – 50’
  • Pressure range: 25 to 70 psi
  • Standard nozzle trajectory: 25°
  • Low angle nozzle trajectory: 12°
  • 8 standard and 4 low angle nozzles included (unit comes with 3.0 nozzle pre-installed)
  • Riser height: 5”
  • Five-year warranty


Model Description
550R ¾” inlet, 5” lawn pop-up
550RS ¾” inlet, shrub
550RHP ¾” inlet, 12” high-pop
550R-CV ¾” inlet, 5” lawn pop-up w/check valve
550R-NP ¾” inlet, 5” lawn pop-up w/non-potable cover




  • Recycled-water indicator cover (purple)
  • Field-installable check valve (102-771)