Titan Impact Rotor



Heavy-duty construction combined with a host of convenient features makes this rotor ideal for a broad range of residential and light commercial applications.

Key Features

  • Double-Weighted spray guide arm
    Controls stream and prevents side splash onto buildings and walkways
  • 5 interchangeable, color-coded MPR nozzles
    Pre-installed with black 3.0 gpm nozzle (no tools needed to change nozzles)
  • Heavy-duty, high impact case
    With sturdy, reinforced ribbed design
  • Pressure-activated wiper seal
    Assures reliable pop-up and pop-down
  • Radius reduction screw
    Allows for up to 25% in-field radius reduction
  • Unique lip case design
    Aids in setting proper installation height, prevents grass and weeds from growing into head and minimizes backwash
  • Replaces competitive sprinklers
    Simple upgrade for other impacts, including Rain Bird® Maxi-Paw®
  • Straight flow-through path
    Ensures low pressure loss and positive action–even in very dirty water conditions

Operating Specifications

  • Filter screen to prevent clogging
  • Removable cap for easy servicing and debris removal
  • Full- and part-circle adjustable from 20° to 360º
  • Radius: 32’ - 45’
  • Flow rate: 1.50–7.50 GPM
  • Recommended operating pressure range: 30–50 psi
  • Maximum operating pressure: 60 psi
  • Recommended spacing: 22’ to 45’
  • Trajectory: 18°
  • Pop-up to nozzle: 3”
  • Combination ½” or ¾” female-threaded inlet
  • Dimensions: - Body diameter: 2½”–5” - Cap diameter: 5” - Height: 9 3/10”
  • Two-year warranty


Model Description
TITAN ½" or ¾" female threaded NTP

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