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For simple, water-saving, weather-following, automatic irrigation control, Irritrol® introduces the Climate Logic® Weather Sensing System. Consisting of three components–a wireless transmitting weather sensor for installation outdoors, a receiver module to attach to the Irritrol controller, and an SD card with the 10-year, local historical weather information–the system monitors weather data, transmits it to the module, then alters the controller’s program to “follow the weather”. As for compatibility, the Climate Logic Weather Sensing System works with the Rain Dial®-R, Total Control®-R, KwikDial® and the new MC-E controllers (blue model).

Key Features

  • Built-in radios
    For easy, wireless installation with less labor than wired systems
  • Temperature sensor for monitoring air temperature
    Shuts system off in cold weather
  • Rainsensor™
    Adjustable for amount of precipitation to shut off system
  • Solar sensor
    Monitors the amount of the landscape site’s sun exposure
  • Receiver Module
    - Connects to the controller with a single plug-in cord. No bundle of wires to individually attach
    - Converts historical and today’s data from the weather sensor to percent of the hottest month’s watering time to apply
    - Appropriately alters the controller’s water budget
  • Weather SD card
    Contains the 10-year, historical weather information for North America with location access by zip code or latitude/longitude


  • 1,000' line-of-sight signal range
  • Compatible with the following Irritrol controllers:
    - Rain Dial-R Series and earlier Rain Dial (Blue)
    - Total Control-R Series
    - KwikDial Series (with adapter cable CMR-ADP)
    - New MC-E Controllers (“blue" model) with CMR-ADP adapter
  • One weather sensor can communicate with multiple receiver modules


Model Description

Wireless weather sensor and module

CL-W1 Wireless weather sensor
CL-M1 Wireless receiver module
CL-R1 Remote control (transmitter only)
CL-MR Mini-receiver (receiver only)
R-100-KIT Mini remote kit (transmitter & receiver)



  • Cable adapter CMR-ADP