All Irritrol controllers and valves have online troubleshooting guides to help you quickly figure out what’s gone wrong and how to fix it. Click on the appropriate product below to get started.

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Problem Cause Solution
Watering cycle repeats
Multiple start times set Check program and turn off all but one start time
Season adjust is set at more than 100% Reset Season adjust
Fuses blow regularly
Faulty valve solenoid Replace solenoid
Damaged or shorted wiring Inspect and repair wire
Faulty timer Replace timer
LED display is blank
No power to timer Check outlet for power
Faulty transformer Replace transformer
Blown fuse See above (fuses)
Lawn is not watered
Timer is off Turn timer on
Blown fuse See above (fuses)
Damaged timer/ valve wiring Repair wire
Faulty transformer, timer or rain sensor device Replace timer, sensor or transformer
Damaged wiring at timer or one manifold Repair wiring
One zone does not function
Damaged wiring at timer or one manifold Repair wiring
No water to one or all zones
Damaged wiring at timer and zone Repair wire


Problem Cause Solution
No water at sprinkler heads
Main water supply valve is off Turn supply valve on
Faulty valve solenoid Replace solenoid
Flow control at valve is closed Open fully counterclockwise
Zone valve wires not connected Connect wires
Debris in valve, solenoid or metering orifice Disassemble valve and clean with fresh water
One or more zones won't stop watering
Faulty valve diaphragm Replace diaphragm
Faulty valve Replace valve
Damaged or cracked valve body Replace valve
Damaged or cracked bonnet Replace valve
External water leaks at valve
Damaged or cracked pipe and fittings Check and replace as needed
Damaged diaphragm Replace diaphragm
Water leaks from lowest sprinkler in zone
Debris between diaphragm and diaphragm seat Clear debris from valve
Damaged diaphragm Replace diaphragm
Debris in solenoid Clean solenoid
Faulty solenoid Replace solenoid
Valve manual bleed open Tighten by hand


Problem Cause Solution
Water doesn't spray from nozzles
Internal basket screen plugged with debris Clean screen
Sprinkler does not rotate
Not enough water pressure to rotate sprinkler Split zone in two
Debris in sprinkler head Clean debris from sprinkler
Faulty sprinkler head Replace sprinkler
Sprinkler rotates in one direction and stops
Not enough water pressure to rotate sprinkler Split zone in two
Faulty sprinkler head Replace sprinkler
Missing nozzle Replace nozzle


Problem Cause Solution
Sprinklers will not pop up
Not enough water pressure to run the zone Split the zone in two
Master or zone valves not completely open Open counterclockwise
Flow control on zone valve not fully open Open flow control
Debris between sprinkler riser and riser seal Clear debris
Sprinklers "stick up" after watering
Damaged riser or riser seal Replace sprinkler
Damaged retraction spring Replace sprinkler
Radius adjustment screw turned off Open counterclockwise
Debris in nozzle Remove debris
Water doesn't spray from nozzle
Internal filter clogged Clean screen
Water flooding from sprinkler
Missing nozzle Install nozzle
Faulty or missing sprinkler head Replace sprinkler