100S Valves 100S Valves

100S Series


1”, 1½”, 2” AND 3” PLASTIC MODELS

Constructed of heavy-duty, glass-reinforced nylon, high grade stainless steel, brass and EPDM rubber materials, the 100 Series scrubber valves resist clogging and feature a patent-pending continuous scrubbing mechanism to actively fight dirt, algae and other particles from disrupting the functionality of the valve. The 100 Series scrubber valves are true dirty water irrigation valves, able to handle the harsh chemicals found in dirty water systems, such as chlorines, chloramines and water treated with ozones.

Key Features

  • Continuous Scrubbing Feature
    Actively cleans the metering device for consistent valve operation
  • Tough, glass-reinforced nylon, stainless steel and brass construction
    Withstands high temperatures and system surges under pressure for long-term reliability
  • Fabric-reinforced EPDM diaphragm and EPDM seat seal
    Designed to operate in virtually all water applications
  • Rugged Internal Plastic and Stainless Steel Parts
    Scrubber fan, nut and metering system chlorine and chemical resistant
  • Completely Serviceable and Retrofittable
    Diaphragm assembly may be replaced or retrofitted to previous models
  • 220 psi pressure rating
    Prevents water hammer and system damage in high-pressure installations
  • Internal and external bleed (flush mode)
    Manual operation
  • Externally removable self-cleaning metering system
    Provides consistent performance in recycled-water applications
  • Accepts OmniReg® modular pressure regulator
    Ensures consistent performance


  • Flow range: 5-300 GPM
  • Pressure range: 20-220 psi


  • Solenoid: 24 V ac
  • Inrush volt-amp: 24 V ac-9.6 VA
  • Inrush current: .4 amp
  • Holding volt-amp: 24 V ac-4.8 VA
  • Holding current: .2 amp

Models &

Model Description
100P1-S 1” internal bleed, scrubber valve
100P1.5-S 1½” internal bleed, scrubber valve
100P2-S 2” internal bleed, scrubber valve
100P3-S 3” internal bleed, scrubber valve
100P1-S-KIT 1” scrubber diaphragm kit
100P1.5-S-KIT 1½” scrubber diaphragm kit
100P2-S-KIT 2” scrubber diaphragm kit
100P3-S-KIT 3” scrubber diaphragm kit


  • 100P1-S: H: 6 ¾”, W: 3 5/8”, D: 4 ¾”
  • 100P1.5-S: H: 7¼”, W: 3 5/8”, D: 4 ¾ ”
  • 100P2-S: H: 9 1/2”, W: 6 1/8”, D: 7 ¾”
  • 100P3-S: H: 10 ¾”, W: 6 1/8”, D: 8 ¼ ”


Loss Data


  • OmniReg® 5-30 psi regulator (OMR-30)
  • OmniReg 5-100 psi regulator (OMR-100)
  • Recycled-water solenoid kit (RW60-KIT); purple solenoid with purple warning tag
  • DC latching solenoid (DCL) Note: Maximum pressure for a valve that utilizes latching solenoid is 120 psi.
  • Weatherproof gauge (SPK-100)