When AC power is a problem, the JUNIOR DC battery-operated controllers are the solution! Whether for temporary operations like irrigation system wire repairs or permanent applications where AC power to the valves is expensive or impractical, the JUNIOR DC controllers can handle the job. And because valve boxes occasionally flood, these valve-mounted controllers are waterproof! For water savings, JUNIOR DC controllers are compatible with wired rain sensors.

1- and 4-Station models

For temporary power to one valve or permanent power to a system without A.C.


Provides automatic irrigation in areas withour A.C. power

Waterproof (IP68)

To survive the occasional flooded valve box..

Valve Mount or Wall Mount option

Mount right on the D.C. solenoid or wall mount up to 900’ away

Compatible with wired rainsensor™

Saves water by preventing irrigation during a downpour

5-year warranty

5-year warranty

Uses one, 9-volt, Alkaline battery
Battery Backup
Uses one, 9-volt, Alkaline battery
Use with Irritrol “DCL”, DC, latching solenoids and Irritrol valves
Maximum Wire Length to DCL
660’ to 960’
Start Times (Number of Start Times)
3 start times per program
Station Run Times
1-155 minutes (in 1-minute increments)
Water Budgeting
10% to 200%
Watering Schedule (Irrigation Schedule)
7-day “select day” watering schedule or day intervals from 1-14 days
Models Description
1 -Station
4 -Station
Dimensions Description
1 station H: 1 ½”, W: 1 ¾”, D: 3 ¾”
 4 stations H: 1 ½”, W: 1”, D: 3”
RS500 wired RainSensor™