Pro’s know that when it comes to professional irrigation products Irritrol offers the dependable, reliable irrigation products they need. Irritrol knows that your professional reputation is only as good as your last job and that industry professionals put their reputation on the line with every installation.

That’s why we stand behind our entire line of products for a full five years after installation. That is also why we design every irrigation product with the professional’s day in mind. Since 1967, we’ve been designing and manufacturing professional grade irrigation products that make it easy to install and maintain thriving landscapes with efficient use of water. With a focus on innovation, dependable operation and simplicity we continue to develop tools and technology to make professional irrigation easy and efficient whether you are installing a new system or maintaining a system you’ve relied on for decades.

Our diverse and growing product line includes residential to robust commercial controller options, each one designed for easy programming and operation with a variety of features and accessories, including weather based and remote operation. Irritrol controllers can be customized to meet seasonal, environmental and plant specific requirements. And because we are the industry leader in wireless sensor and remote technology, we offer a wide selection of high-quality, user friendly products to meet today’s sophisticated water management needs.

For decades, Irritrol has set the standard for irrigation products and our valves are no exception. Irritrol was the first to bring PVC, jar-top and glass filled nylon valves to the industry. Our innovation continues today as we work to deliver the products that make you and your system more productive while staying true to the products and processes our customers have come to depend on.

Irritrol’s commitment to quality doesn’t stop with our products. We work with the best distributor partners in the industry to provide unmatched knowledge, sales and service. This is why you won’t find our products in big box stores.

For over half a century, irrigation professionals have trusted the Irritrol brand to perform season after season. Whether you are a contractor looking to save time on installation and maintenance, a property manager trying to minimize expenses, or a site manager looking for straightforward water management technology, install with the assurance that you are back by a company as reliable as the products it sell

Thank You for your partnership.