We’ve taken the industry standard for commercial irrigation control and made it better. The Irritrol® MC-E, in its rugged, lockable, vandal-proof steel cabinet, now boasts a modernized feature set that includes; the scheduling versatility of 8 independent programs, state-of-the-art flow monitoring, program looping, and new blue face panels. And now, the MC-E blue model is compatible with Irritrol’s new CLIMATE LOGIC® Wireless Weather Sensing System to automatically adjust the controller’s program based on each day's weather. We’ve also added a 48-station model to the family. From small to large landscapes, the new MC-E has got what it takes to meet the growing demands of today’s commercial irrigation applications.

Backward compatible face panel to existing MC Plus-B cabinets on site

Allows field upgrades to the new MC-E while leaving cabinet/pedestal in place

Climate Logic® Compatible

Turn the controller into a weather-based program using an on-site wireless weather sensor.

Commercial-grade, heavy-duty, lockable, weather resistant cabinets and pedestals

For long service life in demanding commercial and “heavy turf” applications

Flow monitoring with diagnostics and 3 types of alarms (requires station #1 for a N/O master valve circuit)

Protects the system and saves water by detecting, reporting and handling high flow and unscheduled flow events

Models with station counts from 4 up to 48

Provides irrigation control for any size project

5-year warranty

5-year warranty

Global Water Budget
0% to 255% in 1% increments
Maximum Output per Station
24V ac, 1.24 amps
Maximum Output to Valves
24V ac, 1.68 amps (including master valve)
Station Run Times
  • 0-59 seconds in 1-second increments
  • 1 minute to 9:59 hours in 1-minute increments
Transformer Input
120V ac, 60 Hz
Transformer Output
24V ac, 2.08 amps (50 VA)
Watering Schedule (Irrigation Schedule)
  • Any days of the week
  • Odd or Even date watering
  • Day intervals from 1-60 days
Models Description
MC-4E 4 -Station, wall mount, fits P-2B Pedestal
MC-6E 6 -Station, wall mount, fits P-2B Pedestal
MC-8E 8 -Station, wall mount, fits P-2B Pedestal
MC-12E 12 -Station, wall mount, fits P-2B Pedestal
MC-18E 18 -Station, wall mount, fits P-6B Pedestal
MC-24E 24 -Station, wall mount, fits P-6B Pedestal
MC-30E 30 -Station, wall mount, fits P-6B Pedestal
MC-36E 36 -Station, wall mount, fits P-6B Pedestal
MC-42E 42 -Station, wall mount, fits P-6B Pedestal
MC-48E 48 -Station, wall mount, fits P-6B Pedestal
Dimensions Description
4-12 Station
H: 9 3⁄4”, W: 10 1⁄2”, D: 4 1⁄4”
18-48 Station
H: 12”, W: 14 1⁄4”, D: 4 3⁄4”
CL-100-Wireless Weather Sensing System
SMRT Logic Wireless Gateway
CRR remote series (R-100-KIT)
Pedestal mounts (P-2B: 4- to 12-station models; P-6B:18- to 48-station models)
PVC-TEE flow sensors
RFS1000 wireless rain/freeze sensor
RS1000 wireless RainSensor™
RS500 wired RainSensor™