Unlike other two-wire systems, the Irritrol® Rain Master Twice 2-wire protocol provides a two-way communication link between the controller, decoders and valves. This provides the means for testing and diagnostic capabilities within the 2-wire system. The simplicity of the 2-wire field installation, coupled with the enhanced capability of the Rain Master ‘E’ series controllers, sets a new precedent for 2-wire control within the irrigation industry.

2-wire interface module

Provides 2-wire capability for any Irritrol Rain Master Eagle controller

Evapotranspiration (ET) based scheduling

Maximizes water saving and irrigation efficiency

Decoder two-way communication

Provides troubleshooting diagnostics to retain system integrity

Flow sensing and control

Monitors system flow and responds to upper, lower, unscheduled and no flow conditions

Programmable decoders

Provides flexibility in programming decoder identification

5-year warranty

5-year warranty

CUL Listed
Input Power Required
105-130V ac, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 amp maximum, 1 amp idle
Output Power
24V ac, 1.5 amps maximum total output or (36 VA) 1.0 amp per station or master valve
UL Listed
Models Description

Rain Master Eagle, up to 36 decoders, rolled steel wall mount

TW-EG36-SB Rain Master Eagle, up to 36 decoders, stainless steel wall mount
TW-EG36-SPED Rain Master Eagle, up to 36 decoders, 14 gauge stainless steel security pedestal
Dimensions Description
TW model
H: 10” W: 13” D: 4.5”
TW & SB model
H: 17.5” W: 13” D: 4.5”
TW-SPED model
H: 34” W: 16” D: 16”