Irritrol’s I-PROTM nozzles with Matched Precipitation Rate are designed to simplify your design process while delivering the precision performance you’ve come to expect. An I-PRO MPR nozzle ensures even water distribution within an arc family allowing for accurate control of precipitation rate, radius and flow. Runoff and over-watering are both dramatically reduced. And compared to the competition, these I-PRO nozzles give an equal to or lower on-average precipitation and flow rate adding greater irrigation efficiency. Color-coded on top for quick radius identification, users will be able to easily verify proper nozzle installation–whether the system is on or off. Available in 5 radius sizes and 6 arc settings*, I-PRO nozzles are female-threaded and include a ribbed-edge design for a non-slip grip. Compatible with all Irritrol spray heads as well as any male-threaded riser in the industry, Irritrol’s I-PRO nozzle series are just the right nozzles to get the job done.
Color-Coded Top

For quick and easy radius identification


Compatible with any male-threaded riser in the industry

Low-flow rates

Allow for more sprinklers to be installed on the same zone

Matched Precipitation Rates

Ensures even water distribution within each family

Ribbed-Edge Design

Provides for a non-slip grip

5-year warranty

5-year warranty

Flow Rate
.06-4.75 GPM
Maximum Operating Pressure
75 psi
Recommended Operating Pressure
20-50 psi
Models Description

360° Arc

IPN-5H 180° Arc
IPN-5T 120° Arc
IPN-5Q 90° Arc

360° Arc

IPN-8H 180° Arc
IPN-8T 120° Arc
IPN-8Q 90° Arc
IPN-10F 360° Arc
IPN-10H 180° Arc
IPN-10T 120° Arc
IPN-10Q 90° Arc
IPN-12F 360° Arc
IPN-12TQ 270° Arc
IPN-12TT 240° Arc
IPN-12H 180° Arc
IPN-12T 120° Arc
IPN-12Q 90° Arc
IPN-15F 360° Arc
IPN-15TQ 270° Arc
IPN-15TT 240° Arc
IPN-15H 180° Arc
IPN-15T 120° Arc
IPN-15Q 90° Arc
IPN-9EST End strip, 4’ x 9’
IPN-9CST Center strip, 4’ x 18’
IPN-9SST Side strip, 4’ x 18’
IPN-15EST End strip, 4’ x 15’
IPN-15CST Center strip, 4’ x 30’

Side strip, 4’ x 18’