Irritrol’s I-PROTM Series spray heads combine a pressure-activated wiper seal and advanced formula lubricant that virtually eliminates troublesome stick ups. Add a unique tapered lip design that prevents debris from entering the body and you have a spray head with superior performance. It’s rugged and reliable with a textured body style for a non-slip grip and even easier installation. Available in four pop-up heights with side inlet, pressure regulation and check valve options, the I-PRO Series fits most landscape application.

Sturdy and Robust, Textured Body

Provides for easy installation with a non-slip grip

Heavy-duty, stainless steel retraction spring

Ensures positive pop-down

Male-threaded riser

Compatible with any female-threaded nozzle in the industry

Pre-installed check valve (optional)

Prevents low-head drainage, eliminating flood or erosion damage by keeping water in lateral pipes in elevation changes up to 14’

Pre-installed flush plug

Makes system flushing a breeze and allows for easy nozzle installation

Pre-installed in-riser pressure regulator (optional)

Maintains optimum nozzle performance at 30 psi and eliminates misting in varying pressure applications

Pressure-Activated Seal with lubricant Additive

Cleans debris from stem, reduces flow-by during pop-up and prevents leaking between cap and body

Retrofittable riser

Fits Rain Bird 1800 Series body

Ratcheting riser

Easiest ratchet in the market, even while hands are wet, yet won’t come out of adjustment!

5-year warranty

5-year warranty

Body Diameter
1 5⁄8”
Body Height
  • I-PRO300: 4 7⁄8”
  • I-PRO400: 5 ¾”
  • I-PRO600: 9 ¼”
  • I-PRO1200: 16”
Exposed Diameter
2 ¼”
Inlet Size
½” female NPT threads
Precipitation Rate
  • Spacing: 4’ – 15’
  • Flow-by: 0 at 10 psi or greater; .1 GPM otherwise
Recommended Operating Pressure
  • Standard: 20-50 psi (max 75 psi)
  • CV: 25-50 psi (max 75 psi)
  • PR: 30-70 psi (max 75 psi)
Side Inlet
4 3⁄8” from center of side inlet to top of cap
5 years
Models Description
I-PRO300 3" Pop-Up
I-PRO400 4" Pop-Up
I-PRO400-CV 4" Pop-Up w/Check Valve
I-PRO400-CV 4" Pop-Up w/Check Valve
I-PRO400-NP 4" Pop-Up w/Lavender Cap Non-Potable

4" Pop-Up w/Pressure Regulator and Check Valve

I-PRO600 6" Pop-Up
I-PRO600-CV 6" Pop-Up w/Check Valve
I-PRO600-NP 6" Pop-Up w/Lavender Cap Non-Potable
I-PRO600-PR 6" Pop-Up w/Pressure Regulator
I-PRO600-PR-CV 6" Pop-Up w/Check Valve/Pressure Regulator
I-PRO600-SI 6" Pop-Up w/Side Inlet
I-PRO600-SI-PR 6" Pop-Up w/Side Inlet and Pressure Regulator
I-PRO1200-SI 12" Pop-Up w/Side Inlet
I-PRO1200-NP 12" Pop-Up w/Lavender Cap Non-Potable
I-PRO1200-SI-CV 12" Pop-Up w/Side Inlet and Check Valve
I-PRO1200-SI-PR 12" Pop-Up w/Side Inlet and Pressure Regulator
I-PRO1200-SI-PR-CV 12" Pop-Up w/Side Inlet, Pressure Regulator and Check Valve
Filed-installable check valve (I-PRO-CV)
Recycled-water indicator cap (I-PRO-NPC)