The IrritrolĀ® 100 Series (Century PLUS) is an excellent example of a good valve getting better. Tracing its origin to the highly popular Century Series, the 100 Series delivers reliable performance with a host of enhanced features. Offered in a globe/angle configuration with sizes ranging from one to three inches, the 100 Series features a pressure range of 20-220 psi, optional modular pressure regulation, stainless steel metering, internal and external bleed, a nylon-reinforced EPDM double-beaded diaphragm and an anti-contamination design for dirty water applications (available on all 102 Models).

150-mesh external control water filter and three-way solenoid

Provides non-continuous metering for recycled water applications

220 psi pressure rating

Prevents water hammer and system damage in high-pressure installations

Accepts OmniRegĀ® modular pressure regulator

Ensures consistent performance

Tough, glass-reinforced nylon, stainless steel and brass construction

Withstands high temperatures and system surges under pressure for long-term reliability

Control water filter

Allows easy external service

Externally removable self-cleaning metering system

Ensures consistent performance in recycled-water applications

Internal and external bleed (flush mode)

Allows for manual operation

Selectable normally open or normally closed mode (factory set at normally closed)

Provides flexibility (102 only)

5-year warranty

5-year warranty

Flow Range
5-300 GPM
Holding Current
.2 amp (102 models: .24 amp)
Holding Volt-Amp
24 V ac-4.8 VA
Inrush Current
.4 amp (102 models: .48 amp)
Inrush Volt-Amp
24 V ac-9.6 VA
24 V ac
Models Description
100P1 1” internal bleed, flow control
100P1.5 1½” internal bleed, flow control
100P2 2” internal bleed, flow control
100P3N 3” internal bleed, flow control
102P1 1” anti-contamination filter
102P1.5 1½” anti-contamination filter
102P2 2” anti-contamination filter
102P3N 3” anti-contamination filter
Dimensions Description
100P1 H: 6 3/4”, W: 3 5/8”, D: 4 3/4”
102P1 H: 7 1/2”, W: 5”, D: 4 3/4”
100P1.5 H: 7 1/4”, W: 3 5/8”, D: 4 3/4”
102P1.5 H: 7 1/2”, W: 5”, D: 4 3/4”
100P2 H: 9 1/2”, W: 6 1/8”, D: 7 3/4”
102P2 H: 10 1/4”, W: 7 1/2”, D: 7 3/4”
100P3N H: 11 3/4”, W: 6  3/4”, D: 9”
102P3N H: 11 3/4”, W: 6  3/4”, D: 9”
OmniReg 5-100 psi regulator (OMR-100)
OmniReg 5-30 psi regulator (OMR-30)
Recycled-water solenoid kit (RW60-KIT); purple solenoid with purple warning tag