The Irritrol® 311 Series offers a comprehensive package of performance-enhancing features. Beginning with the reliability of a leak-proof, double-beaded, nylon-reinforced EPDM diaphragm, the strength of glass-filled nylon and the expanded range of a maximum working pressure rating of 150 psi, the 311 Series’ list of features easily outdistances the competition. Compatibility with the OmniReg® modular pressure regulator make them the industry’s only anti-siphon valves with a pressure regulation option. Additional features include an upgraded bonnet design, a self-cleaning metering system for dirty water applications and a captive plunger solenoid. Plus, the actuator module is removable as a single unit with the diaphragm and internal components held in place, which means no more lost diaphragm screws and springs during installation.

Accepts OmniReg® modular pressure regulator

Ensures consistent performance

Upper body and air-vent cap constructed of glass-filled nylon

Provides long-term performance

Externally removable self-cleaning metering system

Ensures consistent performance in recycled-water applications

Internal and external bleed (flush mode)

Allows for manual operation

Rugged, double-beaded nylon-reinforced Buna-N diaphragm

Ensures a leak-proof seal

5-year warranty

5-year warranty

Flow Range
1-30 GPM
Holding Current
.2 amp
Holding Volt-Amp
24 V ac-4.8 VA
Inrush Current
.4 amp
Inrush Volt-Amp
24 V ac-9.6 VA
Operating Temperature
up to 130° F
24 V ac
Models Description
311A-.75 ¾" flow control, internal bleed
311A-1 1" flow control, internal bleed
Dimensions Description
311A-.75 H: 8 1⁄2”, W: 3 5⁄8”, L: 6”
311A-1 H: 8 1⁄2”, W: 3 5⁄8”, L: 6”
OmniReg 5-100 psi regulator (OMR-100)
OmniReg 5-30 psi regulator (OMR-30)
Recycled-water solenoid kit (RW60-KIT); purple solenoid with purple warning tag
Weatherproof gauge (SPK-100)