This pressure-regulating device enables the user to quickly and accurately set the exact downstream pressure required for any application.

Maintains constant downstream pressure, regardless of widely varying inlet pressure

For consistent operation of heads

One model fits all heavy-duty commercial 100 Series (Century PLUS), 700 Series (UltraFlow®), 200B and 311A Series valves*

Streamlines inventory requirements

Requires only 1 GPM to operate

Ideal for low-flow applications

5-year warranty

5-year warranty

Flow Range
1 to 300 GPM
Pressure Regulator
OMR-30: 5 to 30 psi, OMR-100: 5 to 100 psi
Models Description
OMR-30 Modular regulator 5-30 psi
OMR-100 Modular regulator 5-100 psi
OMR-DS Downstream sensing kit